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  1. Jason

    Does the Sentence Really Fit the Crime?

    I think it's corrective and retributive - and limited, however, it's not worth finding out about for yourself!
  2. Jason

    China's Collapsing Economy
  3. Jason

    Proof of Bio-Weapon? But why wouldn't they? I mean, I don't like hate-mongering, but the facts are the facts with China.
  4. Jason

    Possibly Humanity is Screwed Either Way

    The point being that the answer to the disease threat - of course is big government help. However, the government help has it's own evil.
  5. Jason

    Medical Tyranny
  6. Jason

    InfoWars Type Sites

    I distrust the deep state, but I dislike InfoWars sites, though - for other reasons.
  7. Jason

    Covid-19 Video

  8. Jason

    Covid-19 and Attachment to Lungs

    It was genetically modified - specifically to attach to human lungs - and this can be verified. In nature, it would not do that - this was dirty work done in the Wuhan lab.
  9. Jason

    A Really Dumb Conspiracy Theory

    The US is gutting it's own economy - worse than the Great Depression - only to sell vaccines for the virus Huh, that makes sense! But a load of anti-American types are buying into it.
  10. Jason

    Rational Expressions - 3

    Find the lowest common denominator: (c.) \dfrac{10x - 5}{(9x)(15 + x)(8 + x)} + \dfrac{x - 8}{(15 + x)^{3})(3x)} A combo of the highest terms: (9x)(3x)(8 + x)(6 - x)(15 + x)^{3} @MarkFL Looks right? How can we deal with the single x expressions?
  11. Jason

    Rational Expressions - 2

    Find the lowest common denominator: (c.) \dfrac{10x - 5}{(9x)(15 + x)(8 + x)} + \dfrac{x - 8}{(15 + x)^{3})(6x)} A combo of the highest terms: (9x)(6x)(8 + x)(6 - x)(15 + x)^{3} @MarkFL Looks right? How could we put in the single x expressions?
  12. Jason

    Rational Expressions

    Find the lowest common denominator: (c.) \dfrac{10x - 5}{(9x)(15 + x)(8 + x)} + \dfrac{x - 8}{(15 + x)^{3})(6 - x)} A combo of the highest terms: 9x(8 + x)(6 - x)(15 + x)^{3} @MarkFL Looks right? Should the 9x be reduced more?
  13. Jason

    Some buttons not visible

    Like if your posting stuff - the "Post" button cannot be seen. Well, if others can see little things wrong - feel free to comment. We need to fix them or the theme maker.
  14. Jason

    For Fraction Addition and Subtraction - Which method is best?

    Using LCM or the formulas like: \dfrac{a}{b} + \dfrac{c}{d} \dfrac{(a)(d) + (b)(c)}{(b)(d)} etc.. (Subtraction one has a minus instead of a plus.) The speed at doing LCM depends on how good you are finding LCM - and that could be as fast as someone knowing the formula given in this post.
  15. Jason

    TMH ranks for it's own name

    This seems like "duh" but it's actually terribly difficult to get a site to rank for it's own name in Google! It ranks for it's own name - in first place!
  16. Jason

    A Search Engine Optimization Company?

    This could be a boost to TMH cause sites measuring optimization metrics are still saying the site is not powerful on that end - hence, why there isn't search engine traffic.
  17. Jason

    Converting Pic Questions to Latex

    If @puremath doesn't mind - I might convert his images to latex - cause there has been some database problems. @MarkFL - this is just a beginning idea. Thoughts?
  18. Jason

    Online Math Courses and Covid 19

    Online is the future - but not sure how testing could be done, and especially not with pandemics. Well, there has to be monitored tests due to the possibility of cheating!
  19. Jason

    Why do people only come to religion during tragedies?

    It seems to be the case. In other words, the more "good times", the more sin. Thoughts?