Does the Sentence Really Fit the Crime?


Pure Mathematics
Does the sentence really fit the crime? How can a temporal sin or sins lead to eternal punishment? This sounds crazy, right? Sounds abusive, right? It makes God look like a monster, right?

Think about this: The amount of time that a person sins does not matter. If a person dies at 25, 85 or 105 years old is irrelevant. Crimes against the infinite, holy and exalted God are infinitely wicked and so the punishment fits the crime.

Here's the key: Sinners who go to Hell NEVER repent. They continue to rebel. Every description of Hell tells us that it is not a remedial experience. It is not remedial justice. It is retributive justice.

Sinners in Hell remain God haters forever so that the punishment never catches up with the sin. Sinners in Hell never stop sinning. In Hell sinners continue to hate God. In Hell sinners continue to curse God. In Hell they continue to mock and blaspheme God and hate Christ.

Lost souls that end up in Hell after this life is over, don't stop sinning when they get there and then get punished forever. No, it doesn't work that way. This is very important and must be taken seriously because it involves where we will spend eternity.