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  1. harpazo

    The Harpazo

    Harpazo means to seize, or caught up, pluck, pull, take by force, etc. Harpazo is the Greek word from which we get our English word rapture. The apostle Paul used the words "caught up" in 1st Thessalonians 4:17. In conclusion, the word rapture is in the Bible disguised as CAUGHT UP or the...
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    Does the Sentence Really Fit the Crime?

    Does the sentence really fit the crime? How can a temporal sin or sins lead to eternal punishment? This sounds crazy, right? Sounds abusive, right? It makes God look like a monster, right? Think about this: The amount of time that a person sins does not matter. If a person dies at 25, 85 or 105...
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    Can the World See Jesus in You?

    Can the world see Jesus in you? Can they see His love in the things that you do? Are you living the life? Are you faithful and true? Can the world see Jesus, see Jesus in you? Jeff Gibson
  4. harpazo

    Practice Marbles

    Peter has 3 boxes. Each box has 200 marbles. He plans to distribute 1/4 of the marbles to his class from Box A, 1/5 of the marbles to his church Sunday school class from Box B, and 1/10 of the marbles to local area kids from Box C. After the distribution, how many marbles will Peter have left?
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    Hope of Christ's Return

    "Those who abandon the hope of Christ's bodily return have in effect abandoned true Christianity." John F. MacArthur
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    Cardinal Doctrine

    ". . . I would argue that the fact of the Second Coming is a cardinal doctrine of Christianity." John F. MacArthur
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    Literal Return of Jesus

    "I believe Christ will literally return victoriously to earth one day in bodily, physical form. My convictions on this point are as emphatic as my belief in Christ Himself." John F. MacArthur
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    Harlot of Revelation 17

    Write an essay explaining Revelation 17. Who is the HARLOT in that particular chapter? Why is that important to know in terms of eschatology?
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    Hate God? No Problem

    For those of you who hate and reject God, there is a place in eternity made just for you where God is not mentioned. If you hate and want nothing to do with God, heaven is not for you. Does it make sense to hate and reject God and be allowed into heaven, GOD'S HOME? Think about it. God does not...
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    Dr. John MacArthur: Rapture Explained

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    Church Sex Cover Up

    The Bible CLEARLY teaches that we are all sinners. So, why are we surprised by this situation?
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    Polygon of n Sides

    If a polygon of n sides has (1/2)(n)[n - 3] diagonals, how many sides will a polygon with 65 diagonals have? Seeking one step to get me started.
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    Comparing TVs

    The screen size of a tv set is determined by the length of the diagonal of the rectangular screen. Traditional TVs come in a 4:3 format, meaning the ratio of the length to the width of the rectangular screen is 4 to 3. What is the area of a 37-inch traditional TV screen? What is the area of a...
  14. harpazo

    Patio Dimensions

    A contractor orders 8 cubic yards of premixed cement, all of which is to be used to pour a patio that will be 4 inches thick. If the length of the patio is specified to be twice the width, what will be the patio dimensions? Note: 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet Seeking the first-two steps.
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    Width of Border

    A landscaper, who just completed a rectangular flower garden measuring 6 feet by 10 feet, orders 1 cubic yard of premixed cement, all of which is to be used to create a border of uniform width around the garden. If the border is to have a depth of 3 inches, how wide will the border be? Note: 1...
  16. harpazo

    Candy Bar

    A jumbo bar of candy with a rectangular shape measures 12 cm in length, 7 cm in width, and 3 cm in thickness. Due to escalating costs of cocoa, management decides to reduce the volume of the bar by 20%. To accomplish this reduction, management decides that the new bar should have the same 3 cm...
  17. harpazo

    Shortest Radius

    An adjustable water sprinkler that sprays water in a circular pattern is placed at the center of a square field whose area is 1250 square feet. What is the shortest radius setting that can be used if the field is to be completely enclosed within the circle? Seeking the first-two steps.
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    Right Triangles

    How many right triangles have a hypotenuse that measures 4x + 5 inches, and legs that measure 3x + 13 inches and x inches? What are the dimensions of the triangle(s)? Seeking the needed steps.
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    Harpazo About President Trump

    Why do you hate Trump? What has he done to you? What has he done to your family? Trump wants to put AMERICANS FIRST. If Americans disregard Americans, what does that say about the future of our country? Trump is hated for trying to restore order in a country that lacks common sense and decency...
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    Practice Find P

    Find P.