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  1. harpazo

    The Abundant Life

    I told you to look for me at the other site. I want other participants in the discussion. I am not coming back to this site. Jumping around from site to site is exhausting. My last time here. Look for me at
  2. harpazo

    The Sin of Racism

    We can continue this chat and more at in the lounge.
  3. harpazo

    The Abundant Life

    The ABUNDANT LIFE has nothing to do with walking in the light. Do not judge your dad and others. It is not your job to do so.
  4. harpazo

    The Sin of Racism

    Interracial relationships are not easy to maintain, especially with everything going on in the world after the death of George Floyd.
  5. harpazo

    Those Living the Life are the Ones Truly Saved?

    It is not our job to say who is and who is not saved.
  6. harpazo

    Double Life Christians

    Do not bring topics and ideas into our discussion that you are not clear about. This makes for mute chatting.
  7. harpazo

    Church Sex Cover Up

    No. Explain what you mean here.
  8. harpazo

    Does the Sentence Really Fit the Crime?

    Universalism is not in the Scriptures. It is heretical in terms of its teachings.
  9. harpazo

    When Nobody Cares Anymore

    What does this thread have in connection with ancient Israel? You are off again.
  10. harpazo

    Thinking Outside the Box

    The example you provided concerning the pride of life is not exactly correct. Mark is a good guy but I'm afraid his intelligence will keep him from enjoying an eternity with God.
  11. harpazo

    Pointless Suffering

    Which covenant? Be specific.
  12. harpazo

    Our Best Is Not Enough

    We gotta live to please God not humans.
  13. harpazo

    The Covenant Idea

    Your title is not correlated with your thread.
  14. harpazo

    Agenda 21

    We have no idea when the rapture will take place. NOTE: TRY NOT TO REPLY TO SO MANY THREADS IN ONE DAY.
  15. harpazo

    Agnostic Teachers

    I concur. Pray and move on. Let God perform the miracle.
  16. harpazo


    Sorry to hear about your wife. Why do you feel this way? Did your wife tell you it's over?
  17. harpazo

    Hated For Following Jesus

    I guess you have not experienced real hate, you know, crippling hatred.
  18. harpazo

    Can the Christian life be more fun than a sinful life?

    If you are not firmly root in Christ, Satan can have a ball with you and others.
  19. harpazo

    Weak Christians

    Is it impossible to live a holy lifestyle without the Holy Spirit as a guide. To try on your own is futile.