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  1. Jason

    The Abundant Life

  2. Jason

    Calculating a Tip or Commission

    Note: Commissions are the same as tips. What is a 5 percent tip on a 50 dollar meal? 50(0.05) = 2.5 What percent is is a 4 dollar tip on a 41 dollar meal?
  3. Jason

    The Sin of Racism

    Me standing up to child social services won her over today. :) Racism was a side-issue.
  4. Jason

    Weak Christians

    This is not to express pride in being better, considering a Christian cannot brag on his/her own righteousness. However, though, seriously, many don't know the Bible or have a strong prayer life - including some well meaning people like my wife. Anyway, it's tough to say whose to blame. The...
  5. Jason

    Can the Christian life be more fun than a sinful life?

    The Abundant Life is vastly superior.
  6. Jason

    Hated For Following Jesus

    Honestly, the only people I care about hating me are my wife and her family. However, they're Christian, but I feel my wife is an immature one - so she can't project the same prayer life I can. I mean, we both need to do it to overcome the terrible obstacles we now face. My mom is similar in...
  7. Jason


    I got over my dad, but my current situation is mind-boggling. The mercy from my wife has literally ran out. It's truly in God's hands only. Yeah, heartbreak is horrible, but my Dad's thing wasn't real heartbreak. It was just death. I mean, we died with good terms. This is nothing like...
  8. Jason

    Agnostic Teachers

    It's pointless to force the unconverted to think like those "living the life". Just accept them for who they are and pray for change.
  9. Jason

    Agenda 21

    I really think Christians will be taken out in a rapture before that.
  10. Jason

    The Covenant Idea

    God, with some exceptions, is simply not required to chastise, help etc.. people who aren't "living the life". Thoughts? I believe it to be the case - however, some skeptics might claim some at Hiroshima or something were "real believers".
  11. Jason

    Our Best Is Not Enough

    Yeah, ultimately, we have to think like angels. However, truthfully, I've said mean things people, hypocritically. Most people do. Note: We not only have to be nice, but also kind behind their back.
  12. Jason

    Pointless Suffering

    This is an interesting topic because - ultimately, those outside a covenant are not protected by God.
  13. Jason

    Thinking Outside the Box

    Well, sorry to but in, but it's true that "the love of this world" keeps probably most people from seeing God. Satan provides pretty enticing things to keep people from seeking God, which are lies though, cause The Abundant Life is vastly superior. Satan is keeping people on a path seeking...
  14. Jason

    When Nobody Cares Anymore

    At some point the crying and whining falls on deaf ears, but not for God. However, it's really a tough situation if it gets to that point. Anyway, if people don't get their act together when things are good, it could very well be like that - as it was for Ancient Israel before The Babylonian...
  15. Jason

    Harlot of Revelation 17

    Most people won't accept the plain and simple gospel. They don't want to pray and open up their heart to it.
  16. Jason

    Rapture of the Church

    Believers will be taken from the Earth, much like Noah and those around him were. They are taken out because God is intending to punish the wicked, not his children.
  17. Jason

    Does the Sentence Really Fit the Crime?

    People have eternity to find Christ - though some might have to go to hell to do it. It sounds like Hinduism of a sort - but I think that's what the Bible is truly teaching. Anyway, you don't want to go to hell to find Christ, hence the need for the gospel.
  18. Jason

    Church Sex Cover Up

    O.K. have a fun vacation. :)
  19. Jason

    Double Life Christians

    Yeah but there's a debate on whether you need to "live the life" (Arminain vs Calvinist debate). I think you need to. I mean, those not living the life, despite living before, authentically - are simply not chastised by God - which says a lot.
  20. Jason

    Those Living the Life are the Ones Truly Saved?

    I believe the Bible teaches this. Nonetheless, because I believe in a limited hell, I think people are given way more a chance than what Catholics, Methodists or other Arminians would give them. Anyway, myself, I've fallen into long period of despicable evil - even after once "living the life"...