Do you find this subject easy or hard?


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Hopefully, this is not the wrong area to make chit-chat about differential equations. You see in theory, I thought I would understand this easily, after all, it reminded me how a lot of physics problems at the time worked for me. We were given a formula, we identified the problem, with it chose the best formula and adapted said formula to find the unidentified value.

It's been more years than I am willing to confess since I last hear of differential equations but if there is something I can remember about them is just how difficult they were for me once we got into derivates and some limits. I know I made a list of the formulas and I used it so much back in the day, haha. I remember what they looked like, but just seeing the formulas I get nervous haha.

I think a reason I didn't get them is that I didn't understand well what they were supposed to be. Without that base, I was pretty lost even with the graphics.

How about you, how has your experience been with differential equations? Do you find them easy or hard?
Do you have any tips for anyone just trying to get themselves into them like it was their first time?
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Differential equations can be difficult, but I recall realizing that knowing how to do them allowed me to model a great numbers of things I see in the world around me. Definitely very useful for physics.