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  1. TheJason

    Probability of Independent Event

    Bag 2 is increased overall by 1 and the orange amount in the bag 2 is increased by 1. Note, this stuff is based on another problem I saw in a textbook.
  2. TheJason

    Probability of Independent Event - 2

    One bag has 2 orange balls and 1 grey ball. Another bag has 10 orange balls and 6 grey balls. What is the chance after one ball is moved from one to the other - that one picked ball in the 2nd group is orange? Choice 1 is orange and Choice 2 is grey. OK, @MarkFL, would we simply use the same...
  3. TheJason

    Probability of Independent Event

    Probability of Single Choice 2 in Group 2 = (Amount of Choice 1/Amount of Group 1)(Amount of Choice 1/Amount of Group 2) + (Amount of Choice 2/Group 1)(Amount of Choice 2/Amount of Group 2) @MarkFL Well, we are assuming two groups and two choices, but what if there were more groups and/or...
  4. TheJason

    Poisson and Guassian Here is the the solution. Thoughts?
  5. TheJason

    Poisson and Guassian Nice challenge here.
  6. TheJason

    Tower of Cylinders Another fun one.
  7. TheJason

    Shifted Intervals Any clue here?
  8. TheJason

    Leaving the Hemisphere Another good one.
  9. TheJason

    Ladder Envelope Sounds fun. Any idea?
  10. TheJason

    Rope Between Inclines Any idea?
  11. TheJason

    Game of NIM Anyone solve or have some ideas?
  12. TheJason

    Integration by Parts - What to choose?

    Yeah, I recall that one now.
  13. TheJason

    Gay Sailors

    I take it military life is heavily structured/ busy, so hanky panky, of any sort, would be hard to do.
  14. TheJason

    Integration by Parts - What to choose?

    \int\,u\,d(v) = u\,v\, - \int\,v\,d(u) How to choose which one is u and which one is v?
  15. TheJason

    Are hate crimes still a real problem?

    Man fought back during yoga studio shooting with a broom A lot of these people think they're entitled to stuff.
  16. TheJason

    Are hate crimes still a real problem? I think this is a good case for a real problem, but SJWs focus on idiot causes/complaints that aren't worth anything. For...
  17. TheJason

    How did this solution come about?

    The one on here: Challenge - Solve for x I know it was from solving for r and r did give 1, and 2 as answers, but only one of those gave a solution like what came about - if you know what I mean.
  18. TheJason

    Challenge Solve for x

    Yeah \dfrac{10^{3r}}{10^{2}} = 10^{3r}(10^{-2}) = 10^{3r + (- 2)} = 10^{3r - 2}
  19. TheJason

    Tyranny of the Majority

    It's never about rational scrutiny in the situations mentioned. It's all about loudmouths dominating the scene with little criticism while the outcasts are shut up.
  20. TheJason

    Chevy Chase - Mixed Views of the Comedian

    Chevy Chase - Wikipedia Some like him. Some think he's a jerk. But I think the nay-sayers are being oversensitive.