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  1. MarkFL

    New Slider for TheMathHelp

    Where should I see it?
  2. MarkFL

    Matlab,Maple, or something like that?

    Saw what? Please try to stay on topic in threads.
  3. MarkFL

    Member Average Age

    It might be possible with custom coding and assuming everyone puts their real date of birth on their profiles. Not worth the effort though.
  4. MarkFL

    Protection For America

    Episode of what?
  5. MarkFL

    Angles for Components of Vectors

    You could use \(0\le\theta<2\pi\) or \(-\pi\le\theta<\pi\).
  6. MarkFL

    Angles for Components of Vectors

    I would write something like: v_x=350\cos\left(95^{\circ}\right) v_y=350\sin\left(95^{\circ}\right)
  7. MarkFL

    Angles for Components of Vectors

    Can you give an example?
  8. MarkFL

    Needed Social Control and Christianity

    I would invite anyone interested to watch the following video: 6SanwGg00jI
  9. MarkFL

    Needed Social Control and Christianity

    Yes, most religions would state all the others are wrong, since most make unfalsifiable claims that are at odds with one another. Religion shouldn't drive government policies though, it should be kept sequestered in the churches/temples and not allowed to intrude in areas where it doesn't belong...
  10. MarkFL

    Needed Social Control and Christianity

    I would actually rather live in a society where people treat each other well because it's the right thing to do, and for purely humanist reasons. Doing so out of fear of some supernatural punishment, or in expectation of some supernatural reward seems disingenuous by comparison. A good person...
  11. MarkFL


    I enjoy music too much to leave it out of my routines. It's essential. :)
  12. MarkFL

    Needed Social Control and Christianity

    If a society is using religion as a means of control, we know from history this always comes at a great loss of personal freedom and a whole host of other societal ills.
  13. MarkFL

    Wheel of Theodorus

    I've heard of it (as a spiral), but never did anything with it. :)
  14. MarkFL


    I do my best work, whether it's mental or physical, if I've got some tunes cranked. Music is something I would find it hard to live without. Getting started on something is the biggest struggle for me, but once I get started I'm good. It's just like in physics, where the coefficient of static...
  15. MarkFL

    How long have you been a programmer?

    I help admin another math help site, and when I was initially invited to join the admin team about 5 years ago, I decided coding would be my niche, since I had previous experience as a computer programmer, but none of it was web based. I began with HTML and CSS, then progressed to...
  16. MarkFL

    Permutations & Combinations

    Okay, I think we should examine the mathematical definitions of permutations and combinations and how they're derived for a better understanding. Permutations deals with how many ways we can choose \(r\) elements from a set containing \(n\) elements. We can use the fundamental counting...
  17. MarkFL

    Just another teenager

    Hello, and welcome! :D
  18. MarkFL

    Solving sin(x) = 0

    Here's a graph of the given function over the stated domain, with the solutions shown: In general, the equation: \sin(x)=0 Implies: x=k\pi where \(k\in\mathbb{Z}\) We are told: -2\pi\le x\le2\pi Hence: -2\pi\le k\pi\le2\pi -2\le k\le2 And so: k\in\{-2,-1,0,1,2\} which means...
  19. MarkFL

    Mark's Latex Mod

    I like a dark theme, but I don't know how it would go over for a math site. We could try it of course.
  20. MarkFL

    Gauss-Jordan help

    Gaussian elimination (aka the Gauss-Jordan method) is something I learned in College Algebra, and then again in Precalculus. Learning to work with a parameter is something I picked up along the way on the forums. :)